Hey it's FearTh!s

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Hey it's FearTh!s

Post  Fearthis on Tue May 29, 2012 6:23 am

So yeah, i joined RGC to get decent and 'PRO' games, turns out most of the channels i wet through are packed of low-skilled players, so how can i learn and improve my skills right? Then i found No'Va. Smile

i'm an aspiring player, not really that type who wants to be "the dota-addict that drops-out in college" type of person, i mean responsible and worthwhile games are enough to do the day , since we're having this hobby might as well be good at it right? i am very thankful to NoVa staff and people for the hosting games and encouraging players like me to step-up our game, i hope the NoVa community will soar into new heights as i see great future with it.

Thanks again for supporting. you'll have ours in return. :p


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