Vouch Request Format (READ BEFORE POSTING)

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Vouch Request Format (READ BEFORE POSTING)

Post  Admin on Sun May 20, 2012 1:30 pm

Terms & Conditions

Maintain English in the channel at all times.
Bold font is not allowed.
Any offenses made such as flaming, calling other fellow players "noob" etc, racism, leaving/spoiling the game intentionally & map-hacking will result in a ban. [Any players caught doing more than 3 offenses will result in being unvouched from the channel without warning]
No swapping of slots/starting the game without both parties agreement. ​ ​[Any TC's caught abusing power will be instantly demoted]
Inactive players will be unvouched.

Vouch Request Format

RGC Username:
Do you agree to the terms & conditions stated: [Y/N]

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